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YAMAHA VS4 Black (1 pair) + PA2030a Small store BGM set Indoor / outdoor support [(VS4x1 pair + PA2030ax1)] [VS series]

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YAMAHA VS4 Black (1 pair) + PA2030a Small store BGM set Indoor / outdoor support [(VS4x1 pair + PA2030ax1)] [VS series]

《Surface mount speaker set》 For commercial space (^ _ ^) v
◆ YAMAHA VS4 Black (1 pair) + PA2030a Small store BGM set Indoor / outdoor support
[ Description of item ]
Surface mount speaker for commercial space VS4 Black based set
It can be used in small stores and at home.

[ set content ]
◆ YAMAHA VS4 Black x 1 Pair Speaker
◆ YAMAHA PA2030a x 1 power amplifier
* Please use so that the input is not excessive within the allowable input of the speaker.
* Please prepare a connection cable etc. separately.
* Outdoor installation: IPX3 (Can be installed outdoors in places where it will not be exposed to rain, such as under eaves)
* Installation and construction costs are not included.

◎ Similar to the BOSE DS16SB and DS40SEB, which are often compared, this speaker is recommended for BGM systems in medium-sized and small stores, cafes, and at home.
The speaker unit equipped with Bose DS16S has one full-range speaker of 5.7 cm, but VS4 is a 2-way specification that sounds with a larger 10 cm woofer and a 2.5 cm tweeter dedicated to the high range.
* The upper model DS40SEB of DS16S B is equipped with a 13cm woofer.
Well-balanced music playback from bass to treble is attractive.

Also, since the power amplifier PA2030A supports both high impedance connection and low impedance connection, it is not necessary to select either dedicated amplifier for BOSE’s power amplifier IZA250LZ or IZA190HZ, so it can be used for future system changes. I can handle it.

◆ YAMAHA PA2030a 《Power amplifier》 High impedance connection / low impedance connection can be switched
[ Description of item ]
A Class-D power amplifier that supports low-impedance and high-impedance connections and is ideal for small and medium-sized equipment.
Yamaha’s power amplifier MA2030a is positioned as an expansion amplifier and can be combined with MA2030A to support various systems, but PA2030a alone can be used as a power amplifier that supports both high-impedance connection and low-impedance connection. ..

Although it is a simplified version that excludes some of the functions of MA2030a, it has the same output.

■ Features of PA2030a

◆ Simple interface that is easy to set up and operate
◆ Switchable between low impedance connection (30W x 2ch @ 3Ω / 4Ω / 8Ω) and high impedance connection (60W x 1ch, 70 series / 100 series)
◆ Equipped with dedicated speakers EQ, HPF (150Hz), LPF (150Hz, 200Hz) that optimally drive Yamaha commercial space speakers VXC / VXS series and subwoofer VXS series S models
◆ Equipped with excellent protection function equivalent to SR amplifier for safe and secure use
◆ 1U half rack size that does not take up installation space *

* When installing, be sure to leave space above and below the equipment for heat dissipation and ventilation.


As for speaker output, it has the same functions as YAMAHA MA-2030a.
In other functional aspects, the following contents are mainly different. Although it is labeled as “for expansion”, there are cases where PA2030a is sufficient depending on how it is used.
Is it cheap, simple in function, and easy to use?

Main differences from MA-2030a

・ There is no microphone input
・ There is only one input sound source
・ There is no line output for adding a power amplifier.
-No DSP function. (Feedback suppressor, priority ducker, leveler)
-Stereo source EQ (equalizer) is not installed.
-Not compatible with external control panels.

If you don’t use a microphone, connect only one type of sound source, connect only one PA2030a speaker and wattage, do not adjust the tone, and do not install an external control panel, PA2030a , Recommended! !!

[PA2030a specifications]
◆ Output
◆ Lo-Z (3Ω / 4Ω / 8Ω): 1kHz, 20msec burst, THD + N = 1% 3Ω / 4Ω / 8Ω: 30W x 2

◆ Hi-Z (70V / 100V): 60W x 1

◆ Amplifier circuit Class D
◆ Connector (stereo input) LINE IN stereo RCA terminal (unbalanced), 3.5mm Euroblock terminal 3-pin x 2 (balanced)
◆ Speaker output Barrier strip terminal x 2 pairs
◆ Cooling method Natural air cooling
◆ Power supply voltage AC 100V; 50Hz / 60Hz
◆ Dimensions (WxHxD, including protrusions) 215 x 54 x 288 mm (including knobs and rubber feet)
◆ Weight 1.8kg
◆ Accessories Power cable, 3.5mm Euroblock plug 3-pin x 2, instruction manual, spec sheet (English)
◆ Remarks
◆ YAMAHA VS4 ?? 1 pair (1 pair of 2 units)
[ Description of item ]
The VS series of surface mount speakers for commercial spaces are all-weather speakers that support both low-impedance and high-impedance connections. Switching between low impedance connection and high impedance connection, and wattage switching during high impedance connection can be easily performed by tapping the rear panel. In addition, it is compliant with waterproof performance IPX3 (rainproof type) that can be installed outdoors under the eaves, and the simple and stylish cabinet matches various spaces. In addition, black models and white models are available so that you can select according to your needs.

◆ Matches various spaces with high interior design by highly designed cabinets and variations in size and color.
◆ Supports both low impedance connection and high impedance connection
◆ With the attached bracket, it can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Equipped with a 10cm woofer in the low range and a 2.5cm balanced dome tweeter in the high range.

Bass reflex reproduces rich low frequencies

◆ Format 2WAY bass reflex type
◆ Reproduction frequency band (-10dB) 100Hz-20kHz
◆ Nominal directivity angle
(Horizontal x Vertical) * 110 ° x 110 °
◆ Rated impedance Lo-Z: 8Ω
100V line: 670Ω (15W), 1.3kΩ (7.5W), 2.6kΩ (3.8W)
70V line: 330Ω (15W), 670Ω (7.5W), 1.3kΩ (3.8W), 2.6kΩ (1.9W)
◆ Output NOISE: 15W
PGM: 30W
MAX: 60W
◆ Output sound pressure level (1W, 1m) 88dB SPL
◆ Component LF: 10cm cone
HF: 2.5cm Balance Dome Tweeter
◆ Connector barrier strip x 2 pair
◆ Waterproof performance IPX3 (Can be installed in places where it will not be exposed to direct rain, such as outdoors under eaves)
◆ Dimensions / Mass 152Wx243Hx172Dmm / 1.9kg
◆ Accessories Mounting bracket (U bracket), terminal cover



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