Ircam Tools Spat Revolution Room Acoustics Simulation Plugin eDelivery JRR Shop!

Ircam Tools Spat Revolution Room Acoustics Simulation Plugin

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Ircam Tools Spat Revolution Room Acoustics Simulation Plugin eDelivery JRR Shop!

Ircam Tools Spat Revolution Room Acoustics Simulation Plugin

Get more information about this product, our shipping charges and JRR Shop

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Ircam Spat v3 –The complete Room Acoustics Simulation and Localization Solution
[AU 32 & 64 bit | VST 32 & 64 bit | AAX Native 32 & 64 bit *]


The Immersive Audio Revolution
SPAT Revolution, the most comprehensive real-time 3D-audio mixing engine ever designed, provide artists, sound-designers and sound-engineers the possibility to control the position of audio-sources in a three-dimensional environment, add room effects, send the result to a loudspeaker setup or a pair of normal stereophonic headphones, or export the result as audio stems to use in any other audio engine.

With a solid modular object based concept, the ability to specify and automate the spatialization parameters independently of the output format, support for different types of hardware and software inputs / outputs with network support for audio and automation (using Open Sound Control), innovative 3D -audio signal visualization modes and precise signal level control, it provides a flexible, efficient and creatively inspiring working environment designed to preserve emphasis on simplicity and ergonomics.


Workflow Integration
Created for audio professionals, within the fields of audio mixing, post-production, sound design, VR-engine audio, computer game audio, live and installation sound, SPAT Revolution is designed to easily integrate with various workflows using standard hardware audio interfaces, network audio, and a software audio gateway plug-in to communicate with all major DAWs (AAX, AU, VST).

Film and Music
Computer Games
Virtual Reality
Sound Design
Research & Development


Unlimited number of Inputs and Outputs
SPAT Revolution supports unlimited number of audio inputs and outputs, with the only actual limitation dependent on computer workstation and audio hardware specifications.

DAW integration is supported using standard plug-ins (AAX, AU, VST) (Experimental) for audio input and output streaming between the DAW and SPAT Revolution through local path or over network.


Unlimited number of Sources
The audio inputs are connected to an unlimited number of source objects providing an extensive set of parameters controlling all aspects of the source in the space including; position, barycentric, radiation as well as perceptual factors such as presence, warmth, brilliance.



Multiple Input Stream Formats
SPAT Revolution mixes, reverberates and spatializes audio from all types of microphones, arrays, high order Ambisonic captures, and from any type of pre-produced stems, supporting a vast range of input stream formats.

Channel-Based (C.B); any number of inputs
Higher-Order Ambisonic (HOA); up to order 7
Mid-Side (MS)



Multiple Input and Output Transcoders
A wide range of input and output transcoders are provided, including:

Channel Based (C.B) to Channel Based; Channel splitter aggregator
HOA to HOA for conversion of normalization and channel-arrangement
HOA to Channel Based
A-Format to B-Format
A / B-Format to Channel Based
A / B-Format to HOA
B-Format to UHJ
UHJ to B-Format
Mid / Side (MS) to Channel Based
Binaural to Transaural


Unlimited number of Spatialization buses
Multiple 3D-spatialization technologies can be combined and mixes in different formats rendered simultaneously.

Stereo (AB, XY, MS)
Binaural rendering for headphones (with compensation for nearfield effects)
Transaural rendering for loud speakers
Vector-based amplitude panning (VBAP 2D & 3D)
Distance-based amplitude panning (DBAP 2D & 3D)
Vector-based intensity panning (VBIP 2D & 3D)
Nearest-neighbor amplitude panning
Speaker-placement correction amplitude panning (SPCAP)
Ambisonic equivalent panning (AEP)
B-format and Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA), Encoding / Decoding up to 7th order, Integrating different decoding methods (Projection, Pseudo-Inverse, Energy-Preserving, All RAD)

d Automation of Sources, Rooms and Masters from all major DAWs is provided using plug-ins (AAX, AU, VST) (Experimental), and control from other devices such as digital mixing desks and other controllers is supported using Open Sound Control (OSC) ).

SPAT Revolution
Comprehensive real-time 3D-audio mixing engine, spatialization of audio sources in 3D-space, reverberation with room effects, mulitple various output and export options, creatively inspiring working environment.



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